Making the most of sunshine today

Firstly I have signed up to UK Handmade’s Blogging Thursday and this is week ONE

see link below for more details:

I am hoping being a part of this group is going to encourage me to blog more which means I HAVE to be creative. Today my plan was to make some fabric brooches but instead I decided to make the most of the beautiful sunshine and spray paint instead (whilst topping up my tan!)

Lots of spray paints, acrylic paints, stencils and lace, I love the colours and patterns.

I’m really pleased with the results, am hoping to make some journals in the next couple of weeks so watch this space…..

Spray paints leave a lovely texture on the paper and makes it a bit thicker and stronger, I used matte spray paints. I’m hoping to stitch on some of the pieces to enhance the designs and add texture.

I learned the above technique from Mary Ann Moss’s on-line class – have a look at her blog Dispatchfromla.

Also pop by to see the what the my fellow UK Handmade Thursday bloggers are up to 🙂


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