I have a new addiction

I have neglected my blog for the last few weeks!! I have been updating it in my head I promise 🙂 Good news is I have been creating, I have been updating my instagram @ misstzm and of course my flicker account.

A few weeks ago I discovered the Gelli plate see here: http://www.gelliarts.com/ . I watched a very inspiring video by Roben-Marie Smith’s video tutorial and I was addicted! You can see her video here http://www.robenmarie.com/blog/2012/10/27/gelli-arts-video-tutorial.html

Finding the Gelli plate in the UK was not so easy, I ordered mine from USA, however I have now found them available at intaglioprintmaker.com.

Here are a few of my pieces:

a few prints


I tried printing on some recycled paper. The paper is glossy and I really loved the texture and result. I drew on the gelli plate with the back of a paint brush.


I then added detail with sharpie markers


Lastly whilst experimenting I also used a blank greeting card as a stencil, I love this too 🙂


The gelli plate should come with a warning as once I start I cannot stop!! It’s a great way to make up lots of prints which can be used in other projects. I have also tried printing on fabric with great results – will post a few pictures.


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